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Choose a Winning Domain Name:-

The first most crucial step for launching a successful web site is choosing a winning domain name. Domain name is as important as name of a person or name of your business. It is your online identity through which customers can reach your web site and eventually contact you for their requirements.

 The "Right Domain Name" should boost your business image, expand your market reach resulting in sustained growth in your sales volume and market share.

 You can base your domain name selection on the following criteria:-

  1. Short and Simple: - The Domain name should be as short and simple as possible. We should minimize chances of our online customers making mistakes in typing domain name in browser. Longer Domain names lead to more confusion, problems in pronunciation and typing spelling. Maximum length of Domain Name allowed by ICANN is 64 characters. Bust ideally the length should not exceed 15 characters. 

  2. Easy to Spell : - Customers should be able to remember, pronounce and spell your domain name accurately. There should not be any ambiguity about spelling of a domain name. There are words with different spellings like 'center' and 'centre'. Avoid such words or take all versions of spelling for a word to minimize loss of traffic. 

  3. Memorable: - Your Domain Name should be easy to remember by your customers, they should be able to reach your website easily. Domain Name is part of your email address. So it is all the more important to be able to recollect easily. 

  4. Unique: - Your Domain Name should not be similar to other domain name. Avoid temptation to get domain names which are very near to other popular domain names. Look for unique domain names. Your name also will become popular with your customer eventually. 

  5. Related to Category: - Your Domain Name should give some idea about your nature of business. However, many successful & famous website like 'Google' , 'Orkut' do not conform to this criteria. But for you to reach their popularity will be a daunting task. In short domain name should create and fulfill expectations and give some idea about the business you are in.  

  6. Avoid '-' and numerals: - Avoid '-' in the Domain Name. People do not like to type '-' while reaching any website. Numerals create confusion while receiving domain name through phone or verbal communication. Domain Names like go4gifts.com results in loss of web traffic. It should be easy to pronounce on phone and verbal communication.  

  7. Branded email address: - Having a winning Domain Name allows you to have fully branded email address. For example if you have www.eNames.in , you can have support@eNames.in as your email address. This greatly adds to your brand value.  

  8. Prefer .Com Extensions: - .Com extension has become generic because of first mover advantage. Try to get domain name with .Com extensions. Most people using the internet naturally type .com as domain extension.  

  9. Decide on Seven Keyword : - Think of around seven power keywords which relate customers to your product or service. Then you can make various combinations, add prefixes and suffixes to arrive at your domain name.  

  10. Avoid Trade Mark Domains : - Do not select brand name, trade mark or limited (incorporated) Company name as your domain name. This might lead to litigation in future and you might have to surrender your Domain Name.  

Now you are fully equipped with all intricacies to select right domain name to launch you internet marketing initiative. Make a list of around 7 to 10 alternatives. Check availability. Leading accredited domain registrar www.eNames.in provides Domain Name Availability check Services free. You can zero in on your final choice of domain name from the list of available domain names. Same registrar www.eNames.in provides very economical and simple Domain Name registration service. They also provide very professional advise and support service. We recommend you can avail of their Domain Name Services, or you can try another registrar of your choice.

Tanmay Agarwal


10/30/2020: Very useful , thanks for this.   ......commented by Deepa,Pune

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