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Uncovering the myths of Data Entry

Online data entry, offline data entry, data mining, data processing, there are so much to be done with a data which is invariably evident for any business. Does any of the above term put you in melancholy or making you haywire? Don’t worry this piece is for you, I have attempted to make certain things clear regarding data entry. Hope this helps in clearing your thoughts about data entry.

The ideal synonym of data entry is changing everyday in a dynamic business world. Traditional data entry requires either a person or a machine to enter data through forms into the database, or just copy-paste certain volume of text over and over again.

There are various forms of data entry including data entry for insurance claims, legal formalities, filling forms for entry cards, books, magazines to name a few. However, in today’s business arena data entry is no more filling out simple forms.

Data entry can be classified into two major forms – online and offline data entry. Let us take a quick journey of these classifications.

Online Data Entry

Online data entry jobs involves filling out forms, surveys, entering data into E-books, websites, keeping track of credit and debit transactions, submitting and processing online forms, entering images in various formats, entering data in software applications, identifying business leads, creating a database for mailing and indexing the data entered via internet.

It also includes affiliate marketing or entering data for pay per click (PPC) ads/ Google Adwords.  Recently there is a new form of online data entry called as the click bank, where you will be taught to make money through data entry. Click banks are nothing but marketing space you find online to advertise/type information about businesses. This stimulates the visitor to explore information about the advertisement, and even encourages them to buy the products, thus resulting in indirect revenue to your advertiser.

However, PPC/click per ad/affiliate marketing whatever you call it, have its own disadvantages since they doesn’t bring any direct revenue to you. Click bank data entry jobs explain you about the Adwords and affiliate marketing techniques. If you enter data for a click bank, you will be paid if and only if the product for which you’ve advertised is sold. However, you’ll have to pay good amount of dollars to advertise in Adwords. Hence, click banking data entry requires high levels of prudence and skills.

Offline Data Entry

As the classification goes, offline data entry signifies tasks that are done without exercising internet. It includes keeping track of numerous websites, collecting effective URLs that may be required for filling online forms, data conversion, data processing and data capturing.

Scanning/entering images that will be used in magazines, yellow pages, novels and E-books also falls under offline data entry. These images are also required for card entry and in official file access. Another major offline data entry is insurance claims done to aid the insurance holders of the company.

One of the major offline data entries is data conversion. Businesses require data in various forms. Data conversion enables them to have the existing data in required form. This includes encoding/decoding the data such as XML coding, word processing, form processing, HTML conversion, Document and PDF conversion and to name a few.

Hence data entry is no more filling out forms, the field is vast and you should be specific to choose your competency from the task amongst.

Meera Ramakrishnan


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