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Corporate Training - An opportunity!

Corporate training market size

The most important asset of organizations is its skilled human capital. This also reflects from an organizations spend on training and development. It was estimated by American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) that the Indian organization’s averages spend on training and development is 3 to 4% of the payroll. The training industry is thus estimated to be at INR 5000 Crores and there is massive growth potential. This can be gauged from the fact that it is a $ 100 billion industry in a developed economy like the US. With this huge estimated growth there will be tremendous career opportunity in this field. If one wishes to enter this field here are a few basics

Field of Corporate training

Corporate trainers typically teach topics that people don't learn in their formal education, such as communication skills, business writing etiquette, public speaking, presentation skills and other job-specific functional and technical skills. Training is required in every field be it Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Relationship building, Logistics, Production, Engineering, etc. It is now a business effective tool and is linked with the business outcome.
Trainers have the option of working as in-house trainers with organisations, join a specialist training firm or even work as independent/freelance trainers.

A successful corporate trainer

While the opportunity and scope in this field is tremendous, so is the competition. Corporations have high expectations from trainers. Some aspects that a good corporate trainer should focus on:

  •     Understand the learning and development needs of the employees
    As a good corporate trainer one should understand the business drivers behind the training requirement. The delivery content should be scoped in detail. The course content should be specific and customized.
  •     Increase return on training investment
    Another important aspect of corporate training is to increase the value and return on training investment by designing a course that is clearly aligned with corporate strategy, in terms of program objectives, solution design and content.
  •     Ensure rich and complete training experience

    Taking complete ownership of end-to-end learning process right from the inception of the training requirement will be seen as a rich and complete learning experience and not just classroom training.

Having said all of the above, lastly corporate training is an art. One not only needs to have tremendous level of expertise to educate the audience but also ability to entertain them. Most good trainers also have that indefinable 'charm' that makes them create magic in a training forum and leave a lasting impact.

Ruchi Agarwal


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