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Profile Id: 141868    10-May-2021
Title:   Project/Brand Planner and Manager
Location:   Pune - Maharashtra -
Event Management  
  • Project Planning and Management

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Hourly Basis.

My Skill - Major interests are in Project Planning and Management. I am highly organized and also I am results oriented. I am very practical person with an amiable disposition and strong cultural values. I strongly believe in accuracy and precision in whatever I do. I believe I have good communication skills that would provide transparency and productivity in the organization. Skills MS Office MATLAB MS Excel Project Planning and Management Strategic Thinking and Leadership Ability to lever.

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere

Jobs handled -

Internships for 3 months.

Project Based learning on Pthalic Anhydride.

Project Based learning on Jackson Chemical Industries.

Project Based learning on Design of Absorption Extraction Hydrodynamic column.

Seminar Research on - Recent Advances in Water Purification Membrane Cleaner.

Mini Project on - Manufacturing of Ethylene oxide by air oxidation of ethylene.