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Profile Id: 136911    16-Feb-2018
Title:   SAP ABAP developer with 6 yrs experience
Name:   ATITHI SAHA ()
Location:   Kolkata - West Bengal -
ERP / CRM Implementation  
  • ABAP
  • SAP

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time, Full-Time, Contract Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Hourly Basis of appx. Rs.80 Per Hour.

My Skill - Worked in areas like Data Dictionary,Interactive and Classical Reports,ALV,Module Pool,Smartforms,FM,RFC.

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Agra, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata

Jobs handled -

Topics worked on SAP ABAP:-

1.Data Dictionary

2.Interactive and Classical Reports

3. ALV

4.Module Pool






10.IDOC,Change Pointer

11.User Exit/BADI

Objects/CR worked on:-

1. Worked on creation of table, data element, domain,predefined type,lock object,search help,TMG, Foreign Key relationship,checkbox creation,value range creation.

2.Create a z-table with multiple fields including created by,created on and creation time as well as changed by,changed on and changed time,which need to be auto-populated whenever a new data entry is done or an existing data is changed.To acheive this requirement we have used table event technique.

Interactive and Classical Reports

1.Worked on creating reports using events start of selection,at selection screen,at selection screen output,at selection screen output on value request,at line selection and at user command.

Worked on selection screen consisting of select options,checkbox,radiobutton and parameter designing.The selection screen elements need to be validated.Also if a checkbox is selected then a parameter would be invisible.The output consists of a hotspot which when clicked ,a secondary list will appear.For a parameter ,F4 help has to be added.A button named save was created which when pressed the output of the report will be saved in a z-table.

Interactive and classical ALV:-

Worked on events like user command,pf status,top of page,end of page in FM reuse_alv_events_get.

An ALV grid has to be displayed which when double clicked a secondary list will be displayed.A submit button will be present which when pressed will call a custom FM .The custom FM will update the records for which checkbox has been selected.Standard FM used were reuse_alv_grid_display and resue_ALV_commentary_write.In the basic list,if a particular record is double clicked then a secondary lsit will be displayed.Top of page has to be displayed using event.Also Total and subtotal has to be displayed depending on particular field.

Module Pool:

Worked on Table control and Tabstrip.Four tabs had to created and each of which contains fields for passing the file name and location.On tab1 clicking on the download button the data will be downloaded in an excel file/notepad and will be shown in a table control.On tab2 data has to be uploaded from the excel file/notepad and pressing the proceed button will create a purchase order using bapi.On tab3 a file has to be uplaoded from presentation server and downloaded to application server.On tab4 a file has to be downloaded from application server and create a purchase order using bapi.Process on value request was used to create F4 help.Single field validation and multiple field validation was used


Worked on creating form interface,seconadry windows,copies window and final window.A sales document has to be created with header details and footer details along with the item data in main window.Sub total and Total has to displayed in each page.Customer address and billing details has to be maintained in the header details.The file has to downloaded in pdf format.Worked on command prompt.In the driver program,SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME was used to pass the smartform name.Background picture and graphics was added.


Worked on call transaction method and formatted the error message with the FM format message.The flat file was uploaded using gui_upload/cl_gui_frontend services and material was created using call transaction method.The table used was of type bdcdata and the message type was bdcmsgcoll.For session method three FM were used bdc_open,bdc_insert and bdc_close. to create sales order.Date formatting was done and the log was analysed using sm35.

User exit:-

User exit was used to add custom field to maintain substitute cost centre for a particular cost centre. Transaction affected :KS01,KS02,KS03.

To add new custom fields in additional data tab B in sales order header and Item section. To achieve this requirement, we have to enhance standard table, standard screen and finally MV45AFZZ to populate those newly added fields.

Function Module:-

Worked on three types of FM: Normal ,RFC and Update Function Module.

RFC FM:Created multiple RFC`s to make data available to several external system(IFS,CRM,MS dynamics).

Normal FM: Created multiple FM to increase the reusability of a code.Customised ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL _TABLE to facilitate data with length more than 50 characters.

Update FM:Created to perform certain requirement at update task.


To track changes of material was to be done.It was accomplished through change pointer except the change in characteristic value of material which was tracked through a BADI using a FM..