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Profile Id: 141696    2-Apr-2021
Title:   Data Science/UPSC/Chemical Engineer
Name:   ROHAN SHARMA (B-Tech, Chemical Engineering)
Location:   Guwahati - Assam -
Business Consulting / Consultant  
  • UPSC

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time Basis. .

My Skill - A wide experience in teaching and guiding students. Graduated from IIT Guwahati, cracked UPSC prelims, have a successful blog, written patents and various other technical documents .

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere

I as a company deals in - Pyrotech WSA (patent writing), IIT Guwahati ( several technical reports), theimperfect.org( self publications) .

Jobs handled -

Product Development Engineer

Pyrotech WSA Pvt. Ltd.

06/2020 - Present,

Successfully led a product for an industry looking to expand in a new


Product Lead: Industrial Grade Air Purification System : We have completely designed and tested an Industrial grade air(1000 cfm) purification system capable of overcoming the virus and bacterial load in the air, removing VOCs and ensuring reduction of Particulate Matter.

Patent Application Filed : 202011030617: Based on Plasma cluster based disinfection technology.

Chemical Engineering Intern

Honeywell UOP

Adsorption Department

Performed data analysis over data generated over a year from adsorption bed to predict the tortuosity metric..

Data and Advanced Analytics Virtual Experience Program (BCG Gamma)

Using a Random Forest Classifier to determine the importance of the features in prediction of churning and non-churning rate of customers for a Power Company.

Establishing Power company`s hypothesis about price sensitivity as incorrect.

Modelling a loan approval system (Dream Housing Finance Company Data)

Applying Logistic Regressor, Random Forest Classifier and KNN algorithm to model the loan approval system.

Performing Exploratory Data Analytics to get insights from the historical data.

Employee Attrition Analysis

Using statistical tools like ANOVA, Z-test explored the reasons for attrition in the company and prepared an exhaustive data analysis report.

Development of Point of Scale device for Cancer Diagnostics : Micro-fluidics

Presented a hypothesis report on the feasibility of detecting Circulating Tumor Cells in the blood stream with the help of Micro-fluidics device.

Waste Management

Worked in areas of E-Waste Management (Impact for the communities of North East India) and Waste Water Management (Decentralised Waste Water Treatment System)

Energy From Ocean Water

Explored the potential of salinity gradient between fresh water and saline water in order to produce energy via Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO)