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Title:   AV Broadcasting Engineer
Location:   Ahmedabad - Gujarat -
Broadcasting / Cinema / Television / Music  
  • Computer Graphics Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Production Assistant
  • Sound Engineer
  • Technical Wing
  • Television
  • Television Recording Operator
  • Transmission Controller
  • TV Artist
  • Videotape Editor

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time Full-Time Contract Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Select of appx. Rs.Negotiable Select.

My Skill - Installation, operations, maintanance and monitoring of broadcasting studio and digital earth station. Net work designing. .

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Ahmedabad

Jobs handled -

v Work Experience

Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications & Geo-informatics (BISAG):


Designation : Technical Assistant

Period : March 2002 to Continue

Job Responsibility at BISAG

Independent responsibility for the transmission activities for various networks usage for Government of Gujarat, Department of Health, Agriculture, Medical, Rural Development, Education, Disaster Management, Forest and Fisheries.

Independent responsibility for operation of Broadcasting Studio and its integration with the Hub for regular transmissions. Integrating of low cost Earth Stations with proper designing of Uplink and down link chain & sub systems.

Integration of the base band systems with the RF chain.

Maintains and updates records/logs of the transmission activities carried out.

Carries out regular preventive maintenance for monitoring as part of upkeep of the Broadcasting Studio and Earth Station.

Performs task to interface between various user agencies for supporting and guiding them for technical Installations and commissioning for DTH based ROT systems.

Implementation of new technologies in Digital Earth station and Broadcasting TV studio.

Designing of TV Up-Link Earth Stations, Ex-C band digital broadcasting Earth Station, DTH (Ku band) Broadcasting Earth Station and DVB-RCS (IP based) network for two-way conferencing.

Performing acceptance test of systems for Broadcasting Studio and Earth Station and testing of Earth Station Parameters like Carrier frequency, Career to Noise ratio, Signal to Noise ratio, power level and other measurements related to earth station and studio.

All over Monitoring of the same live programme

Coordination with user department

Work Done at BISAG

Installation and Operations (Broadcasting Studio and Control Room)

q Broadcasting Studio for Interactive live programme

(Video Distribution Amplifier, Audio Distribution Amplifier, Tone Generator, Vision Mixer, Audio Mixer, Logo Generator, Beta cam Video camera, Beta cam Player and Recorder, Video Equalizer, Frame Synchronizer, Test Signal Generator, Video Processing Amplifier, Waveform Monitor, Vectroscope, Camera Control Unit, Phone-In console, Presentation Camera, VGA to PAL Converter, Audio Video Routing Switcher, Patch Panel, SRGB lights, etc.)


q Measurement of Power Supply and earthing of all equipments

q Measurement of Audio level at the output of audio equipments

q Measurement of Video signal level at the output of Video equipments on Waveform monitor

Identifying Noise, Hum and other unwanted signals

Installation and Operations of Earth Station

Setup Uplink Earth station for Ex- C Band and Ku Band Network for Gujarat State

Set up Satellite Based Interactive Studio and Satellite Interactive Terminal

Receive Only Terminals (ROT), Direct to Home Systems (DTH), Digital Direct Reception Systems

VSAT for Two-way Video and Audio for Video Conferencing

(Professional Encoder, DVB Modulator, Ex-C band Up-Converter, High Power Amplifier, Down-Converter, Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Counter, Ex-C to L band converter, Professional IRD, Consumer IRD, C to L band converter, Block Up Converter, Beacon Down Converter and Tracking Receiver, Antenna Control Unit, Automatic Up-Link Power Controller etc.)

Set up 3.8mtr dish antenna for receiving of Ex-C Band Channel with Feed Assembly and LNBC


q Measurements of modulated signal level by Spectrum Analyzer

q Measuring of RF cable loss, Frequency Stability, C/N, S/N, Power Level etc. by Spectrum Analyzer.


Studio and Earth Station Equipments

Preventive Maintenance: It is one part of the routine maintenance.

q Cleaning, defective connections, damage and improperly seated components.

Corrective Maintenance: It is doing when problem comes in to the Audio Video link.

q Identifying the faulty instrument.

q Identifying the fault and damaged components and replacing

Making Audio, Video and RF cables for studio and Earth Station

►Training: Held at RESECO AND DECU-ISRO, Ahmedabad

Six days training on Studio and Earth station operations

u Life Member: Broadcast Engineering Society (India)

Space Applications Center (ISRO), Ahmedabad

SAC is undertaking Government of India set up by Space Commission and Department of Space (DOS). SAC Conducts Space Applications Research and Development in Satellite Communication and Remote Sensing.

Designation: Apprentice as Technician (Electronics & Communication).

Period : March 2001 to February 2002

Work Profile

Repairing and Maintenance (electronics) of equipment that includes PLC, Power Supply, C.N.C Machines etc, Computer hardware maintenance and Networking

Software developed using FoxPro

Design of Menu, Database & Table Design, Form, Retrieve data from the database and reporting.

Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

Physical Research Laboratory is undertaking Central Government of India. PRL is recently research on Astronomy and Astrophysics. PRL is research in Laser physics and Quantum Optics has been initiated. PRL develops micro-controller and electronics device for usage in astronomy and astrophysics.

Vocational Training

Period : 14 weeks (January 2000 to April 2000)

Area : Astronomy and Astrophysics Group

Work Profile at PRL

Repairing of electronics instruments, Soldering, wiring, testing of devices like as ICs, transistor, diode, resister etc, Design of Circuit in ORCAD.

v Computer Skills

Computer Programming Language

Java, C, C++, Basic, Pascal. Microprocessor programming using 8085 and 8086


Visual FOX PRO Programming, DBASE-III Programming. Database Management System


MS-Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), ORCAD (For Circuit Design), Computer Graphics

Operating System