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Ahmedabad             Pincode: 380008
Gujarat            Country: India
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P r o j e c t / A s s i g n m e n t   D e t a i l
3D and 360 degree image rotation
Photography / Videography
Commercial Photography
  • Fashion / Glamour Photography
  • New Photography
  • Skills Required: and othar . no
    Freelancer from:
    Anywhere, Ahmedabad
    Type of Work:
    . Job is Offsite and Work can be done from Anywhere.
    Remuneration Offered:
    Negotiable. Duration 30 days days

    More Details about Project

    1. Allows users to capture, edit series of images export individual and still images in a range of image formats ready for web,Configure export presets for Flash SWF, Jpeg, Png, Tiff, Psd or Flash Pix format. Software can also create web ready images for Flash SWF files, FSI Viewer, RevolViewer, Yofla Viewer, Magic 360 and Magic 360 Plus. and print( Hi pix).

    2. All images are easily adjusted with Perform levels, sharpening, colour balance, hue, saturation, contrast and brightness adjustments on images interactively. performs non-destructive image adjustments; your changes are stored in the database so that source images are never altered.

    3. Batch render product images to multi-device friendly formats using web-ready smartphone compatible javascript viewers, flash viewers or as individual image files in formats such as jpeg, tiff, psd, png or fpx files.

    4. File saving and stored system management should be user friendly.

    5. Search the product database with custom queries.

    6. Supports 360, 3D and still images. One can add as many rows and still images to sets as user require.

    7. Nikon or Canon camera to computer and import images directly into spinsets. files are automatically downloaded and cached for fast loading.

    8. Customize camera`s exposure settings from within software and take test shots to check images before starting a capture sequence.

    9. Scan barcodes to identify products even when the software application window is in the background. (optional , when san device operate)

    10. Includes an interactive 3D zoom viewer to display and edit spin images. Crop and adjust your images and see the results interactively in seconds.

    11. Can be installed on multiple computers (1 license key required per computer) and networked together to scale requirements.

    12. Export images directly to any FTP server. This is a convenient solution when publishing images straight to the web or a rich media provider.

    13. Tag line can add with special features and hide when it disappear from viewer.
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