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Access based software required
Finance / Investment / Accounting
Managed Accounts
  • Accountant
  • Financial Planning
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    specialist in creating a software with Access database in background. Chotai Associates
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    Anywhere, Ahmedabad, Bareilly, Delhi, Mumbai - Anywhere, Rajkot
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    . Job is Offsite and Work can be done from Anywhere.
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    Negotiable. Duration days

    More Details about Project

    i require a software based on access database....

    so dashboard which allows me to open up many accounts from main screen, each account to have an account which is balance zero then i create entries for invoices for example or for fees or for any other accounting category i will specify further once assignment is accepted by someone. it is a fairly simple system i should be able to create a new account using basic details like name address and ID number and also maybe one or two more fields

    then inside each account have 6-8 columns in which data is entered into which is then split into quarterly for financial year.

    so for example

    New Client > Enter name > Address > Notes

    then open one client account from main dashboard (Which also has query function to search for client account

    When i open the account i can enter the details for transaction for each transaction.

    like this

    Enter Date > Enter Transaction type> Enter Reference > Period Covered> Amount then End balance will be automatically generated based on Expense or Income, which will also be a drop down for this section.

    i need it to handle 50 managed accounts plus more which are separately accessible as separate accounts from one dashboard.

    its all to record ingoings and outgoings of an account and i should be able to run a report for all users etc from certain date to certain date to allow me to have end balance for everyone for dates i select.

    also it must have facility to select many accounts and enter one transaction globally to all the accounts by entering once.

    thank you please email or contact etc for further info.

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