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I need someone to create 100 social accounts
Advertising / Marketing / Sales / PR
Skills Required:
Any. Create social accounts
Freelancer from:
Type of Work:
. Job is Offsite and Work can be done from Anywhere.
Remuneration Offered:
$ 100-Negotiable Any. Duration 7 days

More Details about Project

I need you to create 100 accounts in the following social sites:

1- facebook (15 Accounts)

2- Instagram (10 accounts)

3- Pinterest (10 accounts) (40 personal accounts and 10 business accounts)

4- google + (10 accounts)

5- Linkedin (15 accounts)

6- Reddit (10)

7- Tumblr (10 accounts)

8- Twitter 20 accounts)

Total = 100 social accounts

1- search google for Free webmail.

2- create 10 gmail account and 10 emails account from all the other sites, but you only allowed a maximum of 2 emails in one site Example only 2 email in Because for google + you must create 10 social account using only 10 gmail accounts which they only allow.3- search google for the first and last name of 10 chinese female names and 10 from all the other countries.

3- use the emails, the female photos (I will give you) and the females names to create females accounts in the above social accounts.

You will create a google spreadsheet and in it you will have all the info you entered above including

1- The email address used to open the social account

2- The email account website Example

3- The password to access the email account

4- First name of the female

5- Last name of the female

6- Date of birth.

7- username of the social account (if email then copy the email in the field)

8- Password of the social account (please use the same password for all the account you create)

9- After you finish you need to share the google sheet link with me and I need one week to check them all and release the money to you.

This order will have unlimited reviews


use the text I provide to create the social account. just to try to make it as if they are just people that visited our site and love it and want people to follow them and support the same idea

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