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P r o j e c t / A s s i g n m e n t   D e t a i l
Advertising / Marketing / Sales / PR
Advertising Concepts
  • Advertising Management
  • Commercial Artist
  • CopyWriter
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Coordination
  • Marketing Plans
  • Product / Brand Management
  • Public Relations Management (PR)
  • Publication Production
  • Sales Management
  • Stringer
  • Visualizer
  • Skills Required:
    Knowing of Microsoft Office. We rent Google accounts with payment for per hour
    Freelancer from:
    Type of Work:
    . Job is Offsite and Work can be done from Anywhere.
    Remuneration Offered:
    Negotiable. Duration days

    More Details about Project

    How to earn 10 $ per minute ?

    We offer you to earn 10 $ by completing a simple task that can be handled by any person. All you need is to have a computer. In order to earn a good amount of money here is a detailed instruction.

    What are we paying for?

    We are interested in renting your Google account on favorable terms. An account is required to publish our games and apps.

    In our work, we will need to use a program for remote control of the computer (phone or tablet is not suitable!)- TeamViewer.

    By logging in to your computer, we will purchase the app developer account (google play).

    You will be paid $ 10, for all the subsequent connections you will get for each following access $2.

    What is required from you?

    Gmail account over 2 years old, used in everyday life.

    This account has not been used to register a developer account on Google Play.

    You must install the program at:

    After installation, run the program and send us your Your ID and Password.

    Next, we will get access to your computer and log in to your gmail account 1 time in order to check activity.

    After that, leave your computer turned on for 3 hours and we will register a developer account and download the application.

    After that, you will receive an account rental fee of $ 10.

    We will need to connect to your computer through Teamviewer again after three days for a short time (30 minutes only) to update the application.

    You will get $2 for each connection.


    1. "Why do we need this?”

    We show ads to users who have installed our application.

    2. “Why don’t we publish these applications by ourselves?

    Google is extremely negative about applications displaying ads, it is almost impossible to download many applications not only from one computer but even from one office.

    3. Is this legal?

    Yes, sure! You do not violate any laws, just publish the application on Google Play.

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