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Car Video Collection Project INDIA
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Have to shoot car videos from phone
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    More Details about Project

    Currently we are working on Car Video Collection Project. Its big project and we need many car videos.

    Only car videos from India are acceptable. Videos will be used for Artificial Intelligence. For learning bots and in software and virtual assistant technology development purposes.

    The videos captured need to meet the below requirements -

    ● 360 degree walk around videos of cars at a normal, steady pace

    ● The top and bottom of the car needs to be visible at all times

    ● At Least 50 of the dataset should contain surface level damage on cars bigger than 4 cms in size ○ Damage = a scratch, dent, ding, or crack that is larger than a golf ball in length ○ The damage must be on the outer panels of the car ○ This includes: bumpers, fenders, quarter panels, doors, hoods, and trunks

    ● No commercial vehicles should be part of the datasets

    ● The min and max duration for the videos is 30 secs and 1 min respectively

    ● The minimum resolution for width/height should be 300 pixels - not including added borders ● The video must be recorded in such a way that there is no obstruction of the frame with the users hands or arms

    ● Videos must be taken In broad daylight Or in a well lit indoor environment that does not require extra lighting from the phone

    ● If the number plate needs to be anonymized, it should be done manually, by covering the number plate. you can hide number plate with cloth and other way thus there is no issue related car privacy.

    ● Videos with vehicles with every panel is damaged should be strictly avoided

    You can contact Car service station & garages for videos. They can daily send videos to you.

    I am attaching sample video.

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