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SUCONS CONSULTING STRUCTURAL ENGS. Profile Id: 134851    9-May-2017
Title:   Structural Consultant
Name:   SUCONS CONSULTING STRUCTURAL ENGS. (Chartered Civil Structural Engineer)
Location:   Mulund (East), Mumbai - Maharashtra -
Address:   1-D, 502, Bhavini Enclave, Sant Ramdas Road,, Mulund (East), Mumbai - 400 081.
Mulund (East), Mumbai - Maharashtra -
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Engineering / CAD / Architecture  
  • Structural engineer
  • RCC Consultant
  • Structural Auditors
  • Civil Engineering

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time, Full-Time Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Project Cost.

My Skill - I the undersigned is an Civil Design Engineer passed in July 1984 from V.J. T. I. (Mumbai) INDIA, with Structural Analysis & Dynamic as Elective in final year of B. E (Civil) Course. I am member of Institute of Engineers (INDIA), and CHARTERED ENGINEER, have attended Structural Audit Seminar Conducted in VJTI. From beginning of my Career, I was working in Civil design offices. I have designed all types of Structures (R.C.C. & Steel) Industrial, Residential, Hospitals, Shopping centr.

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Mumbai - Anywhere

I as a company deals in - Structural Designing, Structural Adit, Proof checking .

Jobs handled -

Educational Qualifications

Convent Educated B.E. (Civil), M.I.E., Chartered Engineer, passed in July 1984, from V.J.T.I, Mumbai, INDIA, with structural analysis & Dynamic as Elective with 64 in final year. Have attended Structural Audit Seminar in VJTI in 2010.

1. M.I.D.C Wagle Estate, Thane

a.) Job Responsibilities

I was appointed as junior Engineer in Division I, Wagle Estate Mumbai through campus Interview. Hear initially I was assigned to do survey of road in hilly trap, structural design of 5 Span arch Bridge, working of quantities, prepared tenders for this project. Worked directly under Executive Engineer to look after Technical correspondence with Chief engineer, Mumbai Telephone Authorities, checked bill, estimates tenders for various projects in jurisdiction of M.I.D.C. Did structural design of staff quarters, office buildings

b.) Period of Service : June 1984 to July 1986

2. N. N. Purandare Consultants (Mumbai)

a.) Job Responsibilities

Worked as Junior Structural Designer for jobs related to Petrochemical & Gas Industry and also did R.C.C & Structural steel. design of residential Bldgs; rehabilitation of Breach Candy Hospital & Textile Building. Did rigorous structural analysis manually and compared those result on computer aided programs, visited site for checking of reinforcements, formwork in & out Maharashtra. Designed residential & Industrial Buildings, with challenging designing of certain structural parts of building such as Folded Plates, Helical Staircase, Veriendeel Girder manually.

b.) Period of Service : July 1986 to Sept. 1987

3. Mesacon (Mumbai)

a.) Job Responsibilities

Worked as Senior Structural Engineer, Did R.C.C. designing of high rise residential Bldgs; up to 20 storeys, Bungalows, Hotels, Institutional Bldgs etc. on computer aided programming developed by Dr. Kelkar & also used develop charts to design these structural members, Did analysis & design of veriendeel girder for addition of floor for residential Bldgs. by taking out External Columns to support additional floor. Also did thorough analysis & designed of over head water head tanks, basements, Swimming pools and flat slabs, Arches Domes, Sloping Slabs, Helical Stair Case for Residential Bldgs, Bungalows, Commercial Bldgs, Structural steel design. Such as roof trusses, Gantry girders, beams, columns etc.

b.) Period of Service : Oct. 1987 to Feb. 1991.

4. Palace Consulting Engineers (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

a.) Job Responsibilities

Here we were supposed to design & supervise Buildings, Retaining walls, Rafts Etc.for Moda project. Also we were supposed to visit the sites for checking the placement of steel and sizes of concrete. We were suppose to prepare Bar bending schedule and prepare Material takeoff also for this project. Worked on MODA Project in Sulail,Riyad, as Structural Engineer in Office & Site.

Also did designing of steel structures such as Portal frames for shades, Godown ,work shops with Gantries, space frame, Roof trusses etc. Worked on Designing of precast structures and checking in shop before casting it.

b.) Period of Service : May. 1991 to Oct. 1997.

5. AI Hejailan Consultants (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

a.) Job Responsibilities

Worked as Design Engineer, prepared calculations, quantities for submission to Aramco projects of R.C.C., precast structures & Steel Structures such as school Bldgs; auditorium, Hotels, Structures related Power plant of Oil/Gas design such as pipe racks, steel tanks workshop bldg., GT fdn. Electrical buildings etc., on computer aided programs such as STAAD III & other Programs for flat slab& foundations prepared sketches with help of contour maps to ascertain depth of foundation required in hilly trap.

b.) Period of Service : Dec. 1997 to Sept.. 1998.

6. Composites Combine Technical Consultants (Mumbai)

a.) Job Responsibilities

Here I was responsible for design of various types of structures such as Multi storied buildings with pile foundations, industrial Structures with basements, retaining walls, flat slab, raft slab, steel structures such as beams, gantry girder for petrochemical & refinery plants on STAAD-PRO software.

Checking of steel placement at site was also done.

b.) Period of Service : Dec. 1998 to Aug... 2000.

7. Lagan Consultants (Mumbai)

a) Job Responsibilities

Here I was supposed to design Industrial Structures both R.C.C & Steel for steel plant prepared sketches for drawings. Here I was handling a job of Pickling Mill in which the complete setup of purifying the Coil of Metal sheet with different concentration of Acid which is spread over the sheet. In this setup there were different type of foundation such as Tank foundation, Rafts, supporting structure for sheet, Retaining walls, Base slabs subjected to upward water pressure and so it was to be design as uncracked section using IS CODE 3340 using STAAD-PRO software. And the roof of this setup was of steel with gantry girders, Trusses. This project was in Marshy land with bearing capacity of 7.5 t/sqm. Worked as Lead Engineer

b.) Period of Service : September 2000 to 10th December 2003.

8. Ismail Khonji Associates (BAHRAIN)

a). Job Responsibilities

Was working as Sr. Structural Design Engineer using Staad Pro -2003 computer programme For analysis of steel & R.C Structure. Conversant with British codes , did numerous R.C & steel structures, such as buildings Trusses, Gantry Girders, Portal frames etc

b). Period of service: December 2003 to May 2005


a). Job Responsibilities

Here I was working as a Design Manager. Doing management and coordination with appointed consultants for substations, reporting to Assistant General Manager. Did Design checks for RC & Steel structures using staad-pro programme 2004. Given design inputs to the consultants and checked their submittals. Attend meetings with Dewa and consultants for approval of designs and drawings related to Industrial structures. Monitored Bar bending scheduled and shop drawing works, visited site for site problems and gave solutions. Also Here I have Designed water Retaining structure for crack width 0.1mm.

b). Period of service : June 2005 to Aug2006

10. Hanware Consultants (Mumbai)

a). Job Responsibilities

Here I was working as a Sr. Manager working on design of Multi stored bldgs on STAAD-PRO & ETABS Software. My prime responsibility was to lead Jr. Structural engineers, check their design & drawings, visit at site for checking the foundation, slabs beams, cols etc. Here I did design of buildings up to 20 floors independently for seismic forces with isolated footing using ETABS & SAFE programme.. Also I did industrial building on ETABS .

b) Period of service : Sept 2006 to March 2008

11. CH2M HILL (International airport MUMBAI)

a). Job Responsibilities

CH2M HILL is the project management consultant of Mumbai International Airport. Here I am working as a Lead Structural Engineer Two jr.structural engineers are working under me. Here we are working on checking of Mumbai International Airport’s structural Design. My prime responsibility is to check the calculations done on staad pro prepared by Larsen & Toubro for Terminal bldg etc. Here I did Proof checking of both RC & Steel buildings Also designed culvert here for airport area. The main Architect is SOM of USA and Main EPC contractor is Larsen & Toubro.

b) Period of service: April 2008 till Jan 2010


a). Job Responsibilities

Here I was working as a Deputy Chief Engineer.(Structural). My duties were to attend the meetings, decide the time schedule of design & drawing for different jobs. . I was leading the team of 5 Engineers and 4 cad operators for Reliance project in Mumbai., which is completed . Also was working on 2 Buildings of Tata Memorial Hospital, Khargar project using ETABS & SAFE programme. The structure is of flat slab with dropped panel & Raft foundation.Here we are using all relevant IS codes such 456-2000,1893-2002 (For Earthquake Resisting Structure),13920 (For Ductile Detailing of Reinforcement),875,3370,etc.Prepared DBR for Tata Memorial Project,given presentation to Clients for various projects such as SBI,Panosonic etc.attended Meetings at Roorky IIT(Proof checker) for taking of structural approval for Defence Project called as D G MAP.

b) Period of service: Feb 2010 to August 2010.



From September 2010 I am practicing as Structural Engineer in Mumbai with Name SUCONS. Bears BMC licence No STR/M/76 up to 25 floors & have applied for unlimited floors. I have softwares such as STADD PRO, ETABS, SAFE for analysis and design of buildings for seismic & wind effects & Autocad program for drafting. I have attended Structural Audit Seminar at VJTI and have done structural Audit for many buildings in Mumbai.I have completed structural design of IT park for Tata consulting Engineeers, from February 2011 to September 2011. I have done design of pile Foundations for 35m high transmition tower in November 2010.

From June 2011 I am in house Structural Consultant for Double Basement + Gr +41 Upper ( Provision of 65 storey)Residential Tower in Dadar.

In January 2012 I have Done Structural Audit of five buildings in Nahur (West). The RCC design of this redevelopment project of 3,00,000 Sq.ft. built up area is in hand.

In February, 2012 I have done Structural Audit of one G+7 building with two wings in Panvel.

In March 2012 I have done Structural Audit of two Society in Kalyan(East) at Lok Gram and have done structural audit of one society in Thane Lokmanya Nagar in April 2012. In July done structural audit of one society at Kalwa and one in MiraRoad. In August this month we have done structural Audit of Poonam Galaxy, Bhayandar.

At present I am working on structural designing of two new buildings one at Bandra and one at Oshiwara. Doing Structural Audit of 2,00,000 Sqft Industrial Bldg @Mhape

And one Bldg @ Mulund of 120 Flats. In April 2013 we have done structural audit of Anu Nagar CHS. ( 4 Buildings and 5 Row houses) At Ghodbandar Road. In May 20 to 24 we have done Structural Audit of Siddhanchal CHS., Pokharan Road No.2 and many further Structural Audits.