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Profile Id: 126810    18-Aug-2015
Title:   Freelancer Java Trainer
Location:   Kolkata - West Bengal -
Corporate Trainers  
  • I.T Trainers
  • Language Trainers
  • Web Services (.Net
  • Java
  • Php Etc.)
  • Frameworks (Hibemate
  • Struts
  • Jsf Etc.)
  • Programming Languages (Java
  • C/C++
  • Python Etc.)

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time, Full-Time, Contract Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Per Day of appx. Rs.6000 Per Day.

My Skill - C, C++, Java , J2EE, Java APIS, Java Frameworks,Android.

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere

Jobs handled -

2 6 Years of Progressive experience as a Java Trainer..

1. Project Name: -Enterprise Resource Planning

Technologies: - Servlet, JSP, Mysql.

Description:- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a planning which is enabled with software that attempts to combine or integrate all the business operation of different-different departments and functions across a company into a single computer system that can deal the particular needs of the different departments of the company.

2. Project Name: -Management Information System

Technologies:- Servlet, JSP, Mysql

Description:- This system is designed in such a way that it helps the user to retrieve the data, based on the requirements given by the user. This is comparable to the search engine in the offline. In the developed system the records are ordered using categories based on the requirements and they are stored in centralized system or master system which is altered or modified only by the admin. Each of the file just one key is associated.

But the difference is that, this retrieval includes text files, spread sheets, presentations, reader, editor, etc. so that all those data can be accessed from any point which is connected within the network. This is also stored in one main system, from which access is provided to the terminal nodes.

3. Project Name: -Face to Face Proximity Estimation using Bluetooth on Smartphone’s

Technologies:- Android 4.4

Description:- The availability of “always-on” communications has tremendous implications for how people interact socially. In particular, sociologists are interested in the question if such pervasive access increases or decreases face-to-face interactions. Unlike triangulation which seeks to precisely define position, the question of face-to-face interaction reduces to one of proximity, i.e. are the individuals within a certain distance? Moreover, the problem of proximity estimation is complicated by the fact that the measurement must be quite precise (1-1.5m) and can cover a wide variety of environments. Existing approaches such as GPS and WiFi triangulation are insufficient to meet the requirements of accuracy and flexibility. In contrast, Bluetooth, which is commonly available on most smartphones, provides a compelling alternative for proximity estimation. In this paper, we demonstrate through experimental studies the efficacy of Bluetooth for this exact purpose. We propose a proximity estimation model to determine the distance based on the RSSI values of Bluetooth and light sensor data in different environments. We present several real world scenarios and explore Bluetooth proximity estimation on Android with respect to accuracy and power consumption.

4. Project Name: Mobile Distributed System for personal Security

Technologies:- Android 4.4

Description:- The goal of this system is to provide a location based alarm system through which customers can broadcast their last known position in emergency situations. The system is divided into two parts, the client side and the server side. The client side works on the iPhone and other mobile phone platforms and is implemented in Objective C and Java ME. The server side supports more than one server while running on the Linux platform and is implemented using Java EE.

There are two problems that need to be solved before we start. First, we get the user’s location if their mobile phone does not have GPS device or they are in an area without GPS signals. As we all know, the mobile phone signal comes from the cell tower and every cell tower has a fixed cover area, The user’s approximate location can be calculated by the cell tower’s location if the tower’s location which the mobile phone gets signal from is known. The second problem is to synchronize data among the servers that are working on a cluster. To solve the problem of locating the user without GPS signal, we considered using an existing cell tower or Wi-Fi access point information. We know, the mobile phone sends/receives signal from cell towers that are close to user. In other words, the user has a relationship with cell towers, and the mobile signal covers almost every corner in the city, if we knew the cell tower pinpoint location and service area, the approximate location of the user can be measured wherever they are. However most modern mobile phone