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Profile Id: 134707    20-Apr-2017
Title:   Engineering professional with more than 25 years expeience in fmcg industry in production, process,p
Name:   SREEDHAR K ()
Location:   Hyderabad - Telangana -
Business Consulting / Consultant  
  • Business Development
  • Business Planning
  • Controller / Administration
  • Human Resource Management (HR)
  • Operations Planning / Management
  • Project Management
  • Technical Consultant
  • Training

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time, Full-Time, Contract Basis. .

My Skill - Engineering professional with more than 25 years expeience in fmcg industry in production, projects, Engg.

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere

Jobs handled -

I have 25 years experience in Manufacturing /Engg/Projects in FMCG Industry. I have experience as a unit head for last 25 years.

We manufactured CSD Cola, Soda, Packaged Drinking water and Fruit Juice products

We had totally 4 plants and these 4 Plant managers report to me and apart from this at my own plant I managed the Plant as Unit head.

At my plant we have a total of 4 Lines with an annual Production plan of 12.5 Million cases this year.

KEY KPM achieved:

Production: 12.5Million cases

Concentrate yield: 99.9 Line Productivity: 98 Breakage: 0.5 Co2 Yield 92

Manpower : 12 per line Power/Case: 0.22 Quality: amongst the top 5 in the system 2Gold

I have a team of 5 Managers (Production, Engg, QC, Commercial and HR ) reporting to me. The total worker strength is 600.All the production, Engg ,Quality, Commercial, warehouse, shipping and HR activities are handled by me

Production & Performance Target Achievement

• Responsible for ensuring achievement of all production targets related to quantity, time, quality and cost. Monitoring and ensuring that the critical projects - SAP, 5S, Kaizen, etc. are completed within the defined quality, time-frame at the approved cost

• Review production vis-a-vis production orders and approves daily plan of all production departments

• Lead new product development by facilitating the experimentation and trial as per new specifications

• Monitor On Time In Full (delivery)/ efficiency (installed capacity) targets and factors of production including machinery, Raw Materials, Consumables, manpower and systems

• Ensures that the preventive and breakdown maintenance systems are running smoothly so that machine uptime is maximized

• Take manning decisions for employment of manpower and use of overtime / contract labour to close the absenteeism gaps

Statutory Compliance

• Ensuring 100 statutory compliance through regularly monitoring the external environment for changes in the laws and regulations and suggesting corrective action

• Initiating, implementing and monitoring the CSR activities at the plant location

• Drive excellence; build quality orientation in all aspects of production operations. Focus to minimize reject

• Continuously challenge the status quo and refine the specifications

• Identify quality issues and generate and implement corrective actions

Cost Management

• Make annual budget and monitor it regularly for deviations. Anticipate problems and take action so that the cost of manufacturing remains within the budget

• Oversees all costs from raw material & other input costs to utility consumption, including labour costs

Employee Relations & Safety

• Ensure maximum productivity and satisfactory working with desired co-operation. Take actions in any crisis or disciplinary issue

• Responsible for generating safety awareness, training employees on safe working procedures and provision of safety equipment

• Liaises with all public authorities, bureaucrats and statutory authorities to establish goodwill for the Co. leading to smoother functioning

Knowledge Partner

• Keep self-updated with new developments in related fields; introduce fresh ideas to consistently improve; persuade concerned people to participate enthusiastically and in general build an atmosphere conducive to change and development

Capability & Leadership Building

• Creating a work culture in alignment with Baerlocher Vision and Values

• Identify employees with good potential and groom them to take higher responsibilities

• Provide feedback to all team members on time to time basis, so that there is continuous improvement in their performance as well as behaviour

• Have structured communication mediums and forums that would facilitate knowledge and information sharing with team members

• Identify functional and behavioral areas of development in the team members, and send them for relevant trainings and continuously upskill them to take up higher responsibility jobs.

Exhibit high Quality consciousness and should have good knowledge of Quality systems and certifications including TS 16949, QS 9000 and ISO 14001 requirements.


I have a total of 22 years of experience in the fields of ….Engg, Projects,in Process, Agro Industry

Key responsibilities

• Provide leadership and take up Process improvement, Capacity expansion,manage project management across locations setting up Green field and Brown field Projects

• Establish and drive project management best Practices with respect to planning, reporting, monitoring, documentation,

• Improvement of work methods,Energy Conservation, Waste Heat recovery, Pollution control budget control

• Training teams on Maint best practices, Maint Management and deliver project in a highly dynamic, ambiguous and fast changing environment.

• Responsible for leading the team to deliver multiple projects (of varying degree of complexity and size) across the country on an extremely tight timeline


• Capacity Enhancement with focus on efficient Plant layout, Optimising costs of Projects,civil, Elec, Mech and Machinery

• Process improvement, Energy conservation, Technology development

• Training Manpower on Machine and Process

• Production cost optimisation

• In my career the number of Green field projects (concept to commissioning….executed from scratch, finalizing land, getting approvals from Govt agencies,finalizing layout with engineers,Architects,interacting with OEMs all involving layout design, procurement, interacting with consultant, commissioning and handover. ) ….Total 4.. 1 at Blue Moon Beverages ,1 at Pearl Beverages and 2 at PepsiCo India

• Brown field Projects ( Capex, Capacity expansion, Modifying layout, Increasing Utilities )…. Total 10…3 Pearl Beverages, 1 at Seven Up Bottling Company Nigeria, 3 at PepsiCo India , 3 at Asian Paints