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JOINU LINGO LTD Profile Id: 133548    20-Dec-2016
Title:   24h Chinese voiceover translation 16-year experience
Location:   Dongguan - Guangdong -
Admin Support (Legal, Medical, & Accounting)  
  • voiceover
  • interpretation
  • subtitle
  • Medical Transcription
  • Presentation
  • Secretarial Support
  • Transcription
  • Word Processing

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Full-Time Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Hourly Basis of appx. Rs.20-50USD Per Hour.

My Skill - Hi! Iím Macro Dai in China. Iíve working as a competent native Chinese linguist for 16 years. I offer translation, transcription, voiceover, dubbing, subtitling and translation for mainly English and Chinese (①Mandarin Simplified Chinese for Mainland China ②Cantonese Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong, ③Taiwanese Traditional Chinese Mandarin for Taiwan). I guarantee high quality, great rate and punctual delivery. Meet me at www.macrodai.cn or http://s764.photobucket.com/albums/xx283/livfai/..

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere

Jobs handled -

A. Studio Voiceover USD Rates

Normally 220 Chinese characters or 110 English words in source script file is charged as 1 minute. All voice talents are native speakers of target languages. Final rate subject to your script and selected voice. Can also provide other Chinese dialects like Hakka, etc.

1. Mandarin: ads: $30~40/minute; non-ads: $30~50/3 minutes + 5~15/extra minute; timed but not lip-sync $10~15; lip-sync $20~40/minute. 50+ male 50+ female talents available. Deliver within 24 hours. Free demo of your script.

2. Cantonese: $40~70/minute; non-ads: $50~70/3 minutes + 8~15/extra minute; timed but not lip-sync $12~20; lip-sync $20~40/minute. 10+ male 10+ female talents.

3. Taiwanese: $50~80/minute; non-ads: $60~80/3 minutes + 10~17/extra minute; timed but not lip-sync $15~20; lip-sync $20~40/minute. 10+ male 10+ female talents.

4. English/Japanese/Korean and other languages: normally minimum charge $130~250/5 minutes + $20~30/extra minute. 2~10 talents for each language. Mostly cannot demo.


4. Interpretation for English and Chinese in China/HK/Macao/oversea

4.1. On-site Simultaneous Interpretation $360~600/day min. $300/4hrs

4.2. On-site Consecutive Interpretation $160~240/day min. $120/4hrs

4.3. On-site Accompany Interpretation $120~200/day min. $120/4hrs

4.4. Tel./online Consecutive Interpretation $30/hour min. $30/hour

5. English/Mandarin/Cantonese language lesson $16~24/here

6. Other services: studio rental $60/hr; typing; product sourcingÖ

5. English/Japanese/Korean Video localization into Chinese

5.1. Video-to-text transcription into .doc $4~6/minute;

5.2. Text-to-text translation for timed/nontimed recording purpose $4~6/minute

5.3. Subtitle synchronization with/without mixing of dubbed voice $3~4/minute

5.4. Burning subtitle onto video $1/minute

6. Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese/Taiwanese on-site stenography $300~450/day

Stenographer works with a special typing machine for fast delivery