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intelligent digital controller for servo voltage stabilizer
Engineering / CAD / Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Integrated Circuit Design
  • Skills Required:
    Spcialist in design of electirnoc prodcuts based on micro controllers.
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    Type of Work:
    Full-Time. Job is Onsite and Onsite location is NAIROBI KENYA
    Remuneration Offered:
    $ Per Month. Duration 120 days

    More Details about Project


    The proposed 3 Phase intelligent controller for your servo based voltage stabilizer will be having the following functionalities –

    1. Voltage Monitoring & controlling:

    • Controller will measure the input & output voltage. Assuming neutral is common

    • Output voltage value can be programmed in the controller.

    • Set point and actual value comparison and error signal to 12 VDC motor to rotate in both direction.

    • Individual voltage control all phases will be provided.

    • In case of high and low voltage at input which beyond the correction limit of Voltage

    Stabilizer the system should go in to bypass mode with an fault display.

    2. Current monitoring & controlling:

    • The higher current (output side) set points can be programmed in the controller. In the event of high current the load will be cut off using built-in relay contactor.

    3. Frequency monitoring & controlling:

    • The lower & higher frequency set points can be programmed in the controller. In the event of frequency abnormality controller will run the servo stabilizer in bypass mode.

    4. Load Hours & ON Hours:

    • Proposed controller will display the number of ON hours & number of Load hours of voltage stabilizer.

    5. Data – logging facility:

    • Proposed controller will have the facility to log all events on the servo stabilizer and record voltage, Current (line to line, line to phase, Average & total) every 10 minutes for 30 days’ time.

    6. Over temperature cut-off:

    • Proposed controller will measure the temperature of all the three variac and turn ON & turn OFF all the three fans in each phases. Supply temperature probe is in customer’s scope .In case of over temperature over st point the system goes in bypass mode with fault display.

    7. Soft Start Facility:

    • Proposed controller will have facility to setup Voltage set point (E.g. 190 v) .As soon as the input Voltage reaches the Voltage set point (190v) in all the three phases the controller will change the voltage lever to 230v and load will be turned ON. Whenever power fails and comes back, it starts with lower Voltage say 190v (programmable) and stabilizes at set voltage 230V.

    8. Manufacturer particulars:

    • Serial number, Customer ID & Date of Manufacturing can be programmed in the controller.

    • Service due indication after programmable hours.

    9. Audible alarm:

    • Audible alarm can be provided during the occurrence of any abnormality with the pre- defined Electrical parameter in the controller.

    10. Communication & software:

    • The proposed controller can be supplied with built- in RS 485 or RS 232 communication

    port with Modbus over RTU protocol.

    • Required software to read the parameters and down load the data will be designed, tested and supplied to you.

    11. Password protection:

    • There will be two levels of password protection in the controller and one level password in the software.

    • First level password in the controller is meant for Field Engineers to program the values. • Second level password in the controller is meant for manufacturers.

    12. Relay Controller Rating:

    • The EMS relay contactor in the controller will be of 3A & 5A rating to turn OFF & turn ON the load load through external contactor.

    13. Phase sequence:

    • Phase sequence parameter programmable. (ON/OFF) In case of wrong sequence the output will be cut off.

    14.System bypass :

    • The system will have two 4 pole AC contactors with interlock. One contactor is called in-line

    contactor while other is called as bypass contactor. Various conditions with be responsible for switching on & off these contactors.

    15. Dimension:

    • Controller: 192mm (L) * 144mm (H) panel mounted type.

    • Cut out: 186mm (L)* 138mm (H)

    16:- Similar product with sensing and control for Single phase stabilizers.

    17:-Display shall be high quality back lit LCD. The Controller shall be capable of working from voltages as low as 70 V to 300 V. Shall have inbuilt surge protection ,noise filter etc.
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