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News Reporter
Broadcasting / Cinema / Television / Music
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Anywhere, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Allahabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jammu, Kashmir, Kolkata, Mumbai - Anywhere
Type of Work:
. Job is Offsite and Work can be done from Anywhere.
Remuneration Offered:
Negotiable. Duration 30days days

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About Us:

Konnexions Broadcast Pvt Ltd, the media division of the Konnexions Group, is proud to launch as India’s first Sports News & Journalism channel, live 24x7, on a digital platform.

Position Open: Sports Reporters

Job Location: Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jammu and Delhi/NCR


Graduation / Post- graduation, in journalism / mass communication with minimum 2 years of media experience. Excellent knowledge on sports issues in local area

Experience of being on-camera

Exceptional spoken and written skills in English and local language is mandatory.

Awareness of digital media ecosystem, including social media dynamics is desirable.

Job Description

• Initiate, gather and verify factual information regarding story through interview, observation, and research from the beat allotted to him

• To gather and prepare audio and video material for use on any issue, recognizing the distinct requirements of different types of output.

• Identify and maintain relationship with credible and informational sources to develop local contacts and to fulfill a public relations role.

• Co-ordinate with the Cameramen and other staff working under him

• Plan and ensure coverage of all Sports events/news faster and transmit it to the Head Office on a timely basis to enable broadcast

• He should give stories not less than 60 in number in a month.

• To undertake interviewing and reporting duties, under broad direction in both recorded and live situations, in studio or on location.

• Being in field and updating with developments live from ground

• Take photographs and/or shoot video to illustrate stories. Collects and analyzes information about newsworthy sports news and events to broadcast

• Appear on television program when conducting taped or filmed interviews or narration

• Give live reports from site of event

• Specialize in reporting of sports activities, sports news and political affairs

• Record the happenings and incidents in a condensed form. In such a circumstance, he must have an eye for the important discussions/ decisions which are to be included in the report, omitting all other unimportant/irrelevant matter

Personality Traits:

• Ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

• Should be prepared to handle any assignment and move anywhere. He should have special knack of meeting all sorts of people in all types of circumstances.

• A shy and a reserved type of person and someone who is of snobbish, uppish and patronizing temperament is a strict No for us.

• He must possess abundant self-confidence, so as not to be over-awed by the rank or position of an individual. He should be a man of initiative and should not be easily disheartened or discouraged.

• He should possess mental and physical perservance. He should be able to grasp the situation quickly and reduce it into writing in the shortest time and in a readable form. But while reporting news he must be able to judge its authenticity and then report the news so collected with absolute honesty. The narrative should be attractive so that the readers should enjoy Reading/watching it.

• Temperamentally well framed that he does not get irritated, even if at times he has to wait for hours to meet an impor¬tant person or come across an event. When a news-worthy occasion does come he should be able to grasp it quickly and with great speed.

• Willing to travel and always be ready for reporting irrespective of time.

• Should be proactive in covering various Sports issues/news.

Compensation Offered:

As per Industry Standard

Please forward your CV furnishing the following mandatory information on

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Expected Salary

Joining Time Required

Total Work Experience

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